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I hope your weekend is going well! I thought I'd drop in and fill you in on a really amazing product I came across the other day!


As I've said severally on the blog, I LOVE pre-shampooing my hair with oils. Oftentimes, I just mix a few of my favorite oils, warm them up and apply them to my scalp and the length of my hair. Up until I was introduced to "PrePoo for Hair", I hadn't come across any product that was specifically tailored to this step in my regimen.


You can only imagine my pure joy when PrePoo For Hair reached out to me!! PrePoo for Hair was founded by Lisa, who like so many naturalistas, struggled with caring for her hair most of her life. Her natural hair was dry and weak. However, when she took the health of her hair into her own hands, just like many of us now have, she discovered the benefits of oils as a pre-shampoo treatment. Her blend of oils totally transformed her hair!


After sharing her formulation with friends and family, she decided to launch PrePoo For Hair so that other naturalistas could benefit too!


I'm rarely this impressed by a product on first try, but I have to give PrePoo For Hair 10/10. It worked great for my hair and even days after my first application my hair felt fortified and healthy!

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We have written about the benefits of oils and ‘pre-pooing’ textured hair as a pre-step in a hair wash routine. We have also tried various different oils to do this process with varying results usually sticking with coconut sometimes mixed with a little JCBO.


So, when contacted by Lisa who had a product specifically designed for this step in a curly haired regimen, I jumped at the chance to put it to the test. Lisa’s tried and tested blend includes: Coconut Oil, Amla Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Lavender Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Essential Oils, Garlic and Antioxidants.


Indeed, Prepoo for hair smells good enough to eat … in a savory season your meat kind of way! Yes, this is not a coconut, sweet smelling dream of tropical paradise. The overpowering smell is one of garlic. Yes garlic. But I now know (thanks Lisa) that garlic is full of iron, calcium and copper, which is essential in growing your hair long and healthy! Even after one use I am a fan. My scalp feels moisturized, detangling seemed easier and my curls are defined yet soft. I’m not 100% sure but there also seemed to be a reduction in frizz. I will be testing this theory out next wash day.

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How to prepare hair for a busy sunny summer swimming season: Prepoo For Hair

I'm on a journey to heal my hair from Hashimotos Disease - the dreaded low thyroid and I'm using every natural product possible and eating for healing too! This sample, from PrePoo For Hair is healing and nourishing! I have used my sample several times and love the scent, feel and texture! I slather up my scalp with about a teaspoon and smoosh it in my hair, then cover with a cap and go to bed! I have noticed that the overall hair texture is smoother. That will work for me!

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I used @prepooforhair overnight before proceeding with my wash day and let me tell you this is now a staple product. Shampooing strips your hair of it's natural oils leaving hair extremely dry. I usually make my own mix using coconut oil and evoo,


But @prepooforhair deeply restorative pre-shampoo treatment has so many more benefits and oils including Moisturized Hair, Healthy Hair, Hair Retention, Longer Hair, and Thicker Hair. The Proprietary Blend includes: Coconut Oil, Amla Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Lavender Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Essential Oils, Garlic and Antioxidants.


My first use was a great experience. My scalp for nice and soothed. My hair was soft and easy to detangle after washing. It felt nice and moisturized while also providing amazing hair retention.I lost little to no hair (lord knows I usually lose a handful).


Thank you. I was very excited to share this amazing product. Check out their page to get yours today!



My “secret” is out I am not a natural blonde. My natural hair colour is dark brunette. Since I was sixteen I have jumped back and fourth trying out different hair colours. Any one that dyes their hair blonde will understand how addictive it becomes so quick.


When I had bleached blonde hair, my hair was so dry. My hair was so thin and brittle. I became obsessed with deep conditioners and hair masks. I became an expert, reading different products ingredients, and finding out which ingredients suited my hair best.


I shared on my snapchat this organic deeply restorative pre-shampoo treatment that I was very kindly sent from PrePoo For Hair; I was excited to try it but also a little apprehensive about putting a green product on my hair.


This product is all natural. It contains a blend of coconut oil, amla oil, extra virgin olive oil, lavender oil, grapeseed oil, garlic, antioxidants and essential oils. It is called PrePoo as you apply it before you shampoo.


My first impressions

When I opened the bottle I could smell the garlic, which is a bit unusual if you normally like to use sweet scented hair conditioners.


Benefits of Garlic

As the garlic is quite a strong scent in this treatment, If garlic isn’t your cup of tea I wouldn’t recommend this product. I was interested in finding out what benefits garlic had to your hair. I was pleasantly surprised to find it’s the secret to growing your hair!!! Who knew? Garlic can help with hair loss and hair growth. Garlic is full of iron, calcium and copper which is essential in growing your hair long and healthy. It helps strengthen the roots of your hair. Using garlic also boots the treatment right into the shaft of your hair. Letting your hair soak up all the nutrients from the oils.



It took three deep shampoos to remove all the oil from my hair. I then added conditioner and styled as usual. My hair was left feeling so soft and shiney. There was no garlic scent left in my hair from using the oil after I washed it out. I have tried so many hair masks and deep conditioners. (You name it, I have tried it) I have fallen in love with this product. It has given my hair some much needed TLC . As I am quite an impatient person, I loved that I could see and feel results from first time I used this product.


After I was so happy with the results I also lathered it on to my clip in hair extensions for a deep conditioning mask. Afterwards they were left feeling super sleek and so soft. They felt like brand new hair extensions. This products has given life back to my dull hair.


I would recommend this product to anyone that is bleaching their hair or highlighting it. I would advise leaving it in over night for a deep conditioner. If your hair isn’t too damaged or heavily dyed, I would advise leaving it in for just 15mins to give your hair a quick boost to regain healthy and shiney hair.


Definitely a new favourite of mine to add to my hair care routine.

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Recently, I was sent this Pre-Shampoo Hair Treatment by PrePoo For Hair. I was particularly eager to use and review it as I have never used a commercial pre-shampoo hair treatment before……opting to use just my coconut oil-castor oil mix.


PrePoo For Hair contains natural plant and oil ingredients, as well as henna extract. The all-natural ingredient list gets a big thumbs-up from me, as I love natural, botanical beauty products for the hair and skin.


So, yesterday was Wash Day for me and I was excited to try out this Pre-Shampoo Hair Treatment by PrePoo For Hair. Opening up the bottle of PrePoo For Hair, it definitely has a herbal and natural smell, which I liked.


Sectioning my hair into 4, I applied the oil thoroughly from roots to end, massaging it into my scalp as well. Next I put my hair into two low buns, covered it with a shower cap and left it on for about 3 hours. I was working from home yesterday, so I had the luxury of prancing around the house with a showercap. You can leave it on overnight, washing it out the next day if you prefer.


Here is my hair after washing out the treatment. I have some shrinkage which is always inevitable after a wash. However, my hair is not dry at all. It feels very soft and manageable, and is even more shinier after the wash than BEFORE I applied the prepoo and washed it.


There is barely any frizz and I have some natural definition to my kinks and curls, before applying any leave-in conditioner or curl definer.


I really like this Pre Shampoo Hair Treatment. Very impressed and very happy with PrePoo For Hair. Two thumbs up!!

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Customer Reviews

Perfect for transitioning your hair

I've been transitioning my hair for about 4 months now. The prepoo is great for softening the hair between textures so there's less breakage. Love the way my hair feels after I wash it.


Hands down #1 hair treatment

This is HANDS DOWN the BEST HAIR TREATMENT!!! I did my treatment on a Tuesday I had it in for about 6hrs washed it out and went and got my blow dry and Wednesday. It's been a week since I got my blow dry and it's as if I just got my hair done. It's just soft, silky and flowy! I'm so glad I finally found something to use on my hair. ;)


Finally, no additional oils needed

I learned of this product from my sister who has already written a review. I use the product overnight and wash my hair in the morning. I am natural but I flat iron my hair and I don't like adding product to my hair because it weighs my hair down. This product allows my scalp to get the oil nourishment without weighing my hair down nor having to add more oils after shampooing. The shine stays post shampoo and i add nothing else. My hair is bouncey, manageable, feels wonderful and doesn't appear to be thinning as much.


Essential Hair Care Product

I use it and now apply it to my young daughters' hair.
My hair is prone to being dry & brittle, so I need good solid hair care products. It's been a frustrating journey as a local television & news personality whose job requires a camera ready look all the time. Years of over processing my hair took its toll. PrePoo helped jumpstart the process of repairing the breakage & healing my dry itchy scalp. It's worked for me! I've been using it regularly for 6 months now and my hair is noticebly stronger & has a natural (not greasy) sheen. My unrelaxed hair is soft to the touch for the first time in years. I needed something that would be easy to use at home too. My two daughters have lots of hair, so I have just tried it on their locks to help keep them moisturized and protected. I recommend that you give it a try!


Healthy Hair Made Easier

I have watched Lisa go through her hair transformations over the past 15 years and I am amazed at the final result. Her hair is beautiful and so easy to manage. I tried to follow the prepoo regiment a couple years ago however, trying to create the right mixture of everything was just too much for me so I gave up.

I am so happy that Lisa has created this product, which takes all of the thinking out of the process for me and makes it very convenient. I don't have to run around to purchase all the ingredients and then try to create the right mixture. I just apply Lisa's PrePoo, let it marinate and then wash out. This is perfect for my busy lifestyle. I need something that is easy and convenient and this fits the bill! Plus I know it works!! Perfect way to start the New Year!! #PrePoo #HealthyHair


My hair is back

For the past couple of years I’ve had some issues with my hair. It was very brittle and started breaking off and nothing seemed to help. I’ve used Prepoo 3 times and the difference in my hair is amazing. My hair is extremely soft now and a lot easier to manage. The dryness seems to have disappeared and it’s much easier to style.


Shiny, silky and strong

I have used the product for 3 weeks and I am amazed! As a regular with my stylist, my hair was already in good condition - bi-weekly visits, regular trims, treatments. But, by the third application of PrePoo for Hair, I could see and feel a difference in my hair! Even my stylist commented that "your hair feels stronger"! My hair is visibly shiny, feels smooth and silky, and is definitely more manageable. I have been searching for the right product and have even tried many hair treatment products which were only used on time and placed on the shelf.

PrePoo for Hair is now a mainstay in my hair regimen!


Healthy Silky Hair!

For years I've been searching for the right hair product for my hair. Mind you, my hair very curly and suffers from being dry and brittle. That being the case, my hair is unmanageable until I came across Prepoo and noticed all the natural ingredients!
I applied it in my hair, left it in over night and washed it out the very next morning and the results were astonishing!! My hair was soft, shiny and was hydrated!!!


Frizzy Hair in Search of Pre Poo!

I've known Lisa for thirty years and I've watched her formerly color-treated hair transform from dry and dull to silky and luxurious. The results were so dramatic that I began using a basic pre-poo regimen on my curly/frizzy hair, but without the same results. I'm so excited that Lisa's unique formula is now available! I tried it once and it's wonderful! I'll be using it on my daughter's coarse hair too!


I am a believer!

Thanks for sharing your secret. I've watched you struggle with your hair for years and I've witnessed this transformation. I still can't believe it's your own hair. After one treatment, I noticed a difference. My stylist did as well. My hair is dry and chemically relaxed, so work to keep it moisturized. It always looked dull, thirsty. My hair is also thinning in the crown and temples. Not sure why, but I've tried everything to stimulate healthy growth and maintain my length. I'm so encouraged by the results I've seen in the short time I've been using it. I'm a believer!



I used the prepoo shampoo on my 14 month old whose hair I would describe as pretty harsh. I mean pretty nappy if you want the truth. I know the world is harsh but it's the truth. After using the prepoo and leaving it overnight her hair texture went from nappy to soft!!! Penelope can now rock her curls and her hair isnt always poofy. I'm so glad to have found prepoo for my babygirls hair! I give it 5 stars!!!


#1 Oprah's favorite...if she only knew

I'm sorry I must be an over-doer this 6oz bottle for $54 only last me for 4 uses! I really wish it came in a larger option (like gallon size) because my little sister and mom need to use it too, it works wonders!! It does what it says, "Luxurious hair" My hair is short never grows, course, thick, and dry, after my first application I notice the difference in softness. My hair has become shinny and really soft and I can actually comb my hair without breaking the comb's tooth.
*NOW the smell-GARLIC! ACTIVE INGREDIENT FOR SURE! but that GARLIC is what does the MAGIC! I must say i was worried at first.. Once I shampoo and condition my hair of course the smell of garlic was gone. I need this in my life now, a must have!

Please bring back the homemade head wraps. I Need 3! Or does anyone know where I can find the prepoo wraps?


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