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  • Hair Types & PrePoo For Hair

    • Naturally DRY => Yes
    • Naturally OILY => Yes
    • Naturally NORMAL => Yes
    • Coarse, Parched and/or Severely Damaged => Yes
    • Chemically Treated (relaxed, texturized) => Yes
    • Natural (no relaxer) => Yes
    • Transitioning to Natural => Yes
    • Colored => Yes
    • Locs / Twists => Yes, only if you are able to fully rinse and shampoo
    • Plats / Braids => Yes, only if you are able to fully rinse and shampoo
    • Weaves => Only use in between weaves when hair is loose
    • Extensions => NO, do not use while you are wearing extensions
    • Blond / Light Colored => Caution, the formulation may darken hair over time

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  • How long before I see results?

    Usually with the first application of PrePoo For Hair you should see a noticeable change in the shine and manageability of your hair. With continued use and over time, all of your hair will become more healthy and strong.

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  • How much product do you use?

    About 0.5 oz to 1.5 oz of PrePoo For Hair per treatment depending on your hair’s length and porosity - its ability to absorb moisture.

    (2) sizes available online - 2 ounces & 6 ounces.  For larger sizes or if you are a Hair Care Professional, please Contact Me..

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  • Directions for applying PrePoo For Hair

    1. Pour the amount of PrePoo For Hair to use in an applicator or spray bottle.

    2. Without the top, warm it in hot water or a microwave.

    3. Apply to dry hair from the roots to the ends. Make sure to have full coverage. You may need to section the hair.

      I do this in the shower (without the water running), just in case it drips or splashes.

    4. Massage scalp for about 2 minutes.

    5. Cover hair with a plastic cap, then a towel or hair wrap. This will produce heat from the head which helps PrePoo For Hair to penetrate the hair.

    6. Naturally DRY to NORMAL Hair: leave on for 30 minutes to overnight. For very Dry Hair, the longer it is left on, the better.

      Naturally OILY Hair: leave on for 15 – 30 minutes.

      TIP: Short on time, sit under hairdryer for 15 minutes.

    7. Rinse thoroughly.

    8. Complete the normal Cleansing Routine.

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  • How often should I use PrePoo For Hair?

    You may use it as often as you SHAMPOO (fully cleanse) your hair.

    Do not use if you are doing a co-wash (washing with conditioner only).

    If you feel there is too much of a product build up, then increase the time in between treatments.

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  • Will PrePoo For Hair work with my current products and hair regimen?

    YES, use PrePoo For Hair before you start your Cleansing Routine. It works with your other cleansing and conditioning products.

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  • May I use PrePoo For Hair before my Salon Visit?

    • Touch Up / Relaxer => DO NOT use PrePoo For Hair before these visits because it needs be washed out. Relaxers are done on hair that is not wet.
    • Color => If you color on dry hair, then DO NOT use PrePoo For Hair directly before applying color.

      If you cleanse your hair first, then apply color, then it is ok to use PrePoo For Hair before your salon visit.

    • Regular Wash / Style => This is a great time to use PrePoo For Hair. You may go to the salon with PrePoo For Hair on your hair.

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  • How does PrePoo For Hair smell?

    PrePoo For Hair has a unique scent. Garlic is very beneficial for hair health, so there is a slight aroma. Artificially drowning out the garlic smell will dilute the effectiveness of our nutrient rich blend. Once you apply it, then put on the plastic cap and the hair wrap or towel, the smell is not as intense. The smell COMPLETELY disappears by the end of your Cleansing Routine.

    All ingredients are important to the formulation. Look at like using a unique smelling fertilizer to grow beautiful flowers. :-)

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  • Complete Ingredients - 100% ALL NATURAL

    Coconut Oil, Amla Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Lavender Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Garlic Oil, Tea Tree Oil

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